Michelle Calderon

Michelle Calderón was born in Camden, New Jersey on April 29th 1976 to Ivan and Luz Nereida Villanueva. 

As a child Michelle was greatly influenced by her mother Luz. At the early age of 3 she recognized she had been born with a worshipping heart, it was and remains to be her passion to worship God. It wasn’t until the age of 12 when she began her ministerial calling and she was enrolled at Amparo de La Niñez Inc. in Philadelphia, Pa. (Children’s Safe Harbor, Inc.) Under the leadership of the owner’s, Mr. Felipe & Mrs. Myrtha Castro, she advanced in the areas of worship, preaching the Word of God, drama, and the creative arts. While at Amparo de La Niñez and surrounded by other children her age she knew she was separated and not like the others.  She persevered and applied herself to excelling and giving God her best early on. She gives honor to God, and pays tribute to her parents and the Castro’s for being influential to her during this “early” time of her calling. Another influence in her life & Music Ministry have been her Pastors’ Rafael and Margarita Calderón.

She graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1994. In 1999, she committed to working with the youth at 27th Street Revival Center as a Youth Pastor. During this time she, along with Ariel, impacted the lives of many youth and helped guide them to the feet of Christ. 

In 2001, Michelle and Ariel Calderón united in Holy Matrimony where they conceived 4 beautiful children: Josías Ariel, Natalya Arielis, Julissa Ivelisse and Eliana Rose. The family is her first Ministry and as a parent her desire is to be the best reflection of Christ during every season of her children’s life. Marrying the man of her dreams and being a mom to her 4 treasures is the accomplishment she is most proud of. 

As a child of God, understanding her calling, Psalmist Michelle Calderón’s heart pulsates for God, Family, Church and her City! She has always desired to share with the world the songs God has deposited in her heart. The songs which can heal, transform and free the captive. A profound song which derives from the depth of her being and is anointed by the Holy Spirit. God has blessed Michelle with the opportunity to record two albums “Serenata” and “Vivo Por Ti”. She has had the opportunity to travel to Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Venezuela and numerous states to not only promote her music, but to worship God, evangelize and touch the lives of thousands of hurting and lost persons with her God given talent. In March of this year for a 2nd time she was invited to participate in the Christian Channel, TBN Salsa to delight the live audience with her God given songs.  

Although she has traveled to far countries, she loves and believes in her home, her city, CAMDEN, and her greatest hope is to see Revival.   She is honored to have been invited by Camden’s Mayor, Ms. D Redd to participate in Camden’s Clamor to God for 2 consecutive years. 

IN 2014, as Senior Pastors of 27th St. Revival Center, she and her husband have steadfastly impacted Camden by initiating many outreach programs, providing food, book bags, and really lending an ear to the needs of the residents. Collaboratively over the last two years they have serviced over 1000 residents. 

In the midst of her very busy schedule she graduated with a degree in Pastoral Counseling from Valley Forge University. 

Why does Pastor, Psalmist Michelle do what she does? Simply because she understands, in her obedience, she is Called for such a time, Separated by God and For God and she is loving every minute of it!  She is happy living in her PURPOSE! She would most like to be remembered as a woman who left a legacy that exalts her Savior Jesus and has been a vessel to help expand The Kingdom of Heaven.