Ignite Leadership Course


We are so glad to be returning to our Tuesday nights as our pastors continue equipping the people of 27th Street Revival Center. Now that Ignite 3 has been established, we now hold our first stage of Ignite on Thursday nights at 7:30pm. Here is how Ignite works:

Ignite Course:

  1. Make sure you are a member of our church. If you were once member of another church, you can simply speak with your former pastor to write a letter of transfer to our church. Then get in contact with our office to get you into our membership database. If you have never been a member of a church, we are so glad you have found a home here with us. Your next step is to get in contact with our Baptism Teacher who will get you started on the next step in continuing a dedicated life to Jesus Christ.
  2. Once becoming a member, you can then begin at Ignite Course 1! Which we have stated is now on Thursdays at 7:30pm. This Thursday (02/16/2017) is your last day to sign up to begin this semester.
  3. After enduring all the requirements of the class, and passing the final exam you will then be promoted in an Ignite Ceremony. The Ignite Ceremony is presented before the congregation. You, and your fellow classmates will be presented before the church as the promoting class of Ignite 2!
  4. After the ceremony we do a 3 week break before continuing with the following course, Ignite 2! Then once graduating Ignite 2, you move onto Ignite 3 which is our final course!


We hope this is something you are interested in doing. Ignite is all about equipping the home to be in the same rhythm, heartbeat, and voice! All of us need to be equipped to lead others to God. Below you will find the dates of each of our Ignite Courses!