9 Day Schedule



On New Year’s Day, Pastor Ariel Calderon shared a word that would forever change the water temperatures of 27th Street Revival Center’s year of 2017. He shared:

“This year we have to go for more. We can’t be comfortable with a regular christian routine.” 


Our Pastor Michelle Calderon challenged us to a brand new change. A brand new shift at our revival service yesterday. She said the following:

“No more words that tickle your spirit, but words that will CHANGE your life!”


We are so excited because today begins our 6 day countdown for the event that will set the waters for 2017. We invite all of our family, neighbors, fellow churches, and friends to our 9 days of Revival experience “Breakthrough”! Below you will find the schedule for Breakthrough.

9 Days of Revival: 

Day 1:            9am (1st service) and 11:15am (2nd service)

Days 2-7:       7:30pm – Doors open at 7:00pm

Day 8:            9am (1st service) and 11:15am (2nd service)

Day 9:            7:30pm – Doors open at 7:00pm